Energy friendly

This technology meets all criteria for sustainability and a circular economy. It simultaneously helps to meet your ISO50001 targets.

  • Steamloc® cannot fail open and leak, it is always (designed) open.
  • Permanently eliminate the steam waste from leaking traps.
  • Optimize steam usage in tune to your needs.
  • Only burn the fuel needed for your process, not to compensate for leaks.
  • Reduce your Green House Gas emissions.
  • After a lifetime job, 99,99% same material recycles easily.


No moving parts is the basis of a chain of positive impacts

  • No or at least simplified inspections.
  • No maintenance nor spare parts.
  • No venturi erosion.
  • No freezing danger.
  • Resistant to water hammer.
  • Fully austenitic stainless product.
  • Tailor made and adjustable to your piping layout.
  • Compact construction - less heat loss - insulation permitted/advised.
  • Traceable via unique serial numbers.


The continuous operating principle fosters benefits

  • Immediate and total condensate removal.
  • Correct start-up times and perfect air removal.
  • Complete drainage, no flooding, ever free heat surface.
  • Improved heat transfer increases production rate and quality.
  • Stable steam inlet and process output.
  • No downtime from troubled condensate removal.
  • Eliminates back pressure rise from failing traps.
  • Automatically responsive to changing loads and pressures.
  • Self-adjusting capacity in conjunction with the control valve.


Short paybacks and a long guarantee, isn’t that what we all want? You found it.

  • Depending on your installation – the payback usually is as short as a couple of months for instant replacements, and mostly within 6 to 18 months for complete plant conversions and projects.
  • Fully performance warranted, standard warranty on material defects and workmanship.